Panda Helper Fix Error

Here is the place to fix any error when download and install Panda Helper for your iOS or Android device, here you can select what is your error and find a suitable solution.

Panda Helper Fix Error

Panda Helper iOS error list

  • App is not working.
  • Fail of profile installing error.
  • When open app then display blank or white screen.
  • App revoked error
    error of verify with developer.
  • Untrusted developer Error.
  • Downgliding error

How to fix that all error we have method to fix this all error

1 App is not working

step 1
Enable Airplane Mode on your iDevice.
step 2
Go to Safari
Step 3
Clear all history and website data.
step 4
Now disable Airplane, look clear WiFi is on Back, and try again open the app.

2 Fail of profile installing error.
the same method like as above 4 steps.

3 When open app then displays a blank or white screen.
step 1
go to safari of your iDevice
step 2
clean all website data.
step 3
you can see the successfully loaded app screen.

4 App revoked error and 5 error of verifying with the developer.
step 1
Delete Panda Helper app from your Device.
Step 2
Go to safari browse and load the official website.
Step 3
download again Panda Helper.
Step 4
Now you have to follow installing method using this link.

5 Untrusted developer Error.
Step 1
Go to Setting -> General.
Step 2
Click Profiles and select developer name.
Step 3
Click trust.

6 Downgliding error.
Step 1
Open Setting -> Network -> Reset Network Setting.
Step 2
try now and if it can not Delete already download file and redownload

Cydia download for your iOS device