Panda Helper VIP how to transfer to new devices

Here we are ready to transfer Panda Helper VIP services when you start using new devices. VIP version provides any users so many paid apps can download without any cost.

panda helper vip

After installing PandaHelper VIP versions, it is support for only one device because when installing the VIP version. You have to purchase to PandaHelper developer because for the above reason there are some methods to get new devices.
there are different methods because several methods are available for purchase to them when installing PandaHelper VIP for your smart devices.

Method to transfer Panda Helper VIP to New devices as Paypal

if you paid to install VIP versions using Paypal, you have followed step by step guide on how to transfer to new devices.
Step 1
first, you have to confirm that 4-year Premium subscription of Panda Helper VIP.
you can get information about payment by checking your Paypal payment bill, it is a 4-year premium subscription or not.
if you are a 4 year VIP user then you have only one-time change devices, it is noted on that PandaHelper subscription website.
Step 2
Please send the below detail to PandaHelper customer services as
1 your new device UDID.
follow these few steps to get UDIDS, Go to panda helper VIP website -> Install a profile successfully -> when you can see UDID its
2 your old device UDID.
3 attach payment bill with Paypal.
Step 3
Panda helper customer service will respond to you after verifying your details please wait for it.

How to transfer Panda helper VIP services if you use Alipay

if you are a 4 year VIP user, this method same as PayPal user, please follow a bow few steps.

How to Panda Helper VIP services transfer when you payment using Payssion

it is also the same method as above, please follow step by step guide.

Panda Helper Fix Error

TutuApp for iOS device

AC Market Download

AC Market is a great 3rd party app store for support download and installation very uses full apps, Games, and tweaks on your smart Android devices. In this post, we like to give you a guide on how to install ACMarket without any tricks, no need to root your Android device before installing this amazing app store.

AC Market

Step by step guide on how to install ACMarkrt App

Step 1
Click below the ACMarket APK download button, it will download for your device.

AC Market APK

Step 2
Click on the apk and click the ok button when received a security alert.
Step 3
Go to the Settings of your device as prompted by Chome Browser.
Step 4
Enable the button “Allow from this source.
Step 5
it will start installing process, after complete it successfully you can see AC Market app store on your Device, s home screen.
Step 6
Now you can install apps, Games and tweak them using AC Market.

Guide for the Troubleshooting with AC Market app store

1 Fix issue with Parsing the package
2 Fix AC Market App not installing Error.

How to fix the issue with Parsing package

Method 1
1 Go to Settings of App or Manage apps
2 click it and go to the system.
3 you have to see an option for Package installer click this
4 click button of the Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Method 2
1 Open Setting of your Device.
2 Click on Security and click on Unknown Sources.
3 tick the box to Enable it.
4 try it again installing process.

How to Delete AC Market App store

Step 1
Open Setting of your device.

Step 2
Click the apps select app for delete.

Step 3
Click Uninstall


ACMarket App is the best 3rd party app store in the world. However, we recommend you use an Anti-Virus along with ACMarket for the safety of your device. The apps and games are submitted by 100 plus developers and they are also tested, but some might get slipped through, because you have some issue with this app store you can try with AC Market alternative one

More ACMarket alternative Apps

Video Tutorial for How to install ACMarket for your Android device

How to download and install Taurine jailbreak for iOS 14.3 using Panda Helper

Hello, all one this great one for Selio download and Taurine jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 14.3. Latest iDevice users waiting a long time for jailbreak and cydia download for their own device without any issues. Taurine is a great solution.

Taurine jailbreak and uncover jailbreak tool have more similarities. You can see below the similarities and differences between this jailbreak tool.

Taurine jailbreak

Differences of Taurine jailbreak and uncover jailbreak

  • Taurine is bundled with Selio and uncover is bundled with cydia, this both one support customize your iPhone, iPad.
  • UI interface design are different of this both jailbreak tool
  • Taurine jailbreak tool and other one develops by different developers.

Similarities of Taurine jailbreak and uncover jailbreak

  • Both tools support for iDevice running iOS 14, iOS 14.3 to jailbreak.
  • both tools very user friendly any user can jailbreak using one click.
  • after jailbreak this both jailbreak tools then restore RootFS feature.

TutuApp is an alternative for this amazing app store.

How to install Taurine jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and install Selio

Step 1
Panda Helper downloads and install for your iPhone or iPad.
step 2
search for Taurine jailbreak iOS 14.3 – iOS 14.

Step 3
Click the download button for the download to your device.
Step 4
now you can see Taurine jailbreak tool on your home screen.

step 5
Click the jailbreak button and wail successfully complete the jailbreak process.

Remove jailbreak after using Taurine for iOS 14.3.

Step 1
Open the Taurine jailbreak app and on the Restore RootFS feature.

Step 2
Now click Taurine jailbreak button and again restore your device.

Panda Helper For Android

Panda Helper for Android, this is of the amazing app store customize Android device with or without root your devices.

Panda Helper for android
Panda Helper Android

Features of Panda Helper for Android

  • support for Latest version of Android device.
  • Comfortable with all Android model.
  • Not need root your device, support for root and without root.
  • it is very user friendly app store.
  • PandaHelper is include with lot of apps, games and tweaks.
  • it will daily update.

Few important things you should know

  • Panda Helper work with Android device without any issues, we like to post below step by step guide how to panda helper download and install for your Android device.
  • Do not worry about this, Panda helper no support to hack your Android device.
  • Panda helper have not malvare virus or any other virus, becouse this very safe for your device.
  • if you need delete this amazing app store, it can using simple step.

Panda Helper iOS

Step by step guide how to Panda Helper install for Android device

Step 1

Below are two links you can use to download Panda helper APK for your Android devices.

Step 2

When downloading the APK file, you received a security message and click ok as below image.

Step 3

Now open APK file already downloaded and select the setting on Chrome, lets enable Allow from this source as below.

step 4

now start the installing process and you have to wait to complete the successfully installing process and you can see the Panda helper icon on your Home screen.

Panda Helper Fix Error